My MK Glam Impression

At first, I was skeptical about Mary Kay cosmetics due to their price and the fact that I have had reactions to some of their products in the past. I was happy to receive the invitation from Influenster to give them a try since I do know that many improvements have been made to their products over the years. I was also surprised to see that full-size products were sent. I was really only expecting to receive sample sizes. 

When my VoxBox arrived I opened it to see that the cream eye shadow is in my favorite color… Purple! It went on nice and smooth. It did not leave my eyes feeling like makeup was caked on or heavy. Keep in mind that I rarely wear makeup because I work from home and don’t have any daily impressions to make. This is a product that I will use until it’s gone. I also like that the color is not too dark and has some shimmer to it. With my hazel eyes, it brightened them up a lot. I wasn’t real sure what to do with the lash primer, but threw that on and waited a couple of minutes before applying the lash lengthening mascara. It’s been a few weeks and I’ve worn the mascara daily. There is a bit of a difference in the length of my eyelashes. I will continue to use these two products as well until they are gone.

On to the lipstick. This is a product I am not a huge fan of. First, I am not a fan of pink. I prefer sheer colors when I do wear lipstick or lip gloss. Even the slightest amount of this was too pink for me. It also made my lips feel rather greasy and almost has a floral scent to it which you can ‘taste’ in your mouth when you mash your lips together to evenly distribute the lipstick. A little got on my face because of the shape of my lips, and it stained the skin, also causing a slight irritation. 

My overall impression is favorable. I do not believe that I would purchase lipstick of this same product line due to the greasy feeling, staining of the skin and funky taste it puts in your mouth. Now, if the cream eye shadows were more cost effective, I would likely make a purchase. However, I do not believe that $14 for eye shadow is a deal, nor would I spend that amount on something I rarely wear. The high price of Mary Kay is the main reason I do not regularly purchase these items. It is simply not in the budget. Few of their products are less than $10 and some will still cause irritation and reaction on my skin. I appreciate the opportunity to try these products and give my honest opinion about them. 



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