How do you Feel about Facebook Tracking your Google Searches?

Have you noticed recently that your searches on Google and other search engines are now showing up on Facebook as advertisements? Give it a try. Perform a simple search on Google and then refresh your Facebook profile. You will notice that, along the right side of the page, ads for items that you just searched for are present. Some are considering this to be a stalking feature. Facebook concludes that it is their way to make their advertisements more relevant to each user. I’m not so sure that I am comfortable with that.

Facebook Logo

Facebook Logo

How does this make you feel?

To me, it makes me feel like my personal interests are no longer my personal interests. Granted no one else is going to see what the advertisements on my page are, it still makes me feel a bit uneasy. I would absolutely love it if you shared your thoughts on this matter. Feedback received here can be shared with Facebook as panel surveys are sent out. It will help impact how we use Facebook and what changes they make.

Do you Really Like What you See on Facebook??

Do you Really Like What you See on Facebook??

What is social media coming to these days?

Another thing that has been bothering me with this social media website is that if  you like a post, there are supposed related pages to like that come up underneath it. Sometimes, these “related pages” are far from appropriate. Some are very adult in nature. For teens and younger people using a social media outlet such as Facebook, this is just not appropriate. If we want to like or connect with a company or theme, we can simply search for it. If Facebook took this feature away, less young people would be offended by some of the images that will be displayed after liking a post or news story. I am an adult and find some of the suggestions to be inappropriate and in poor taste.


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