Super Impressed with Sverve and!

So many times we see advertisements for loadable debit cards to make our lives simpler. For some of us, a traditional bank account is just not an option. I came across an opportunity to get a personalized debit card that is easy to load and offers the ability for employers to direct deposit payroll onto. It is similar to other types, such as the Walmart Moneycard and BlueBird card. You might ask, what’s different about CARD? I’ll get to that in a little bit.

Getting a Card

It’s so easy to get a debit card of your own from Simply visit the website and sign up. Next you’ll just have to select the card design that you want. There are hundreds to choose from, literally! So, let your personality or personal interest shine through. Fill in a bit of personal information and finish the sign-up process. Your card arrives in the mail in just a few days.


You might figure that the card will just arrive in a plain old white envelope like any other credit or debit card. Well, you’re right in one respect, it is a plain white envelope but it looks like a greeting card, not just any old letter. I LOVE this about! No one will think to steal this piece of mail and try to activate it on their own. The paper stock used to send the card is even the thickness of a greeting card. This is a great safety feature to have for this product.


Activation is simple, just call in or go online. It takes literally one minute to activate the card. You can choose to either load it right away or send in the information to your employer for direct deposit. There is a card included for you to present to your employer for direct deposit that includes all of the information they need.

What is so Great about

Here’s what you want to know. The fees, yes there is a $5.95 monthly fee assessed to the account. BUT, if you have $800 or more deposited onto the card each month, that fee does not exist. Through The Bancorp Bank your funds are insured, FDIC insured. Another plus is the Visa Zero Liability policy that protects you from unauthorized purchases. These safety measures ensure that your funds are protected at all times.

How do I Load the Card?

There are 4 convenient ways to load your new prepaid Visa debit card. You can link your PayPal account as one of the easiest ways. The other options are Western Union, Green Dot or via direct deposit from your employer. It’s fast, and quite easy. Manage your account online so that you always know how much money you have available. Have questions? Their customer service is great! The representative I spoke briefly with was very helpful. You can call or email for assistance.


This is my ACTUAL Pink Hell’s Kitchen CARD


There are only two negatives that I have noticed so far, and they aren’t even that big of a deal. One is that you cannot schedule payments to be automatically debited. The other is that there are fees associated with using a Green Dot or Western Union load option. Other than these, there are no other negatives.

This card is so convenient. Instead of using Western Union or Green Dot, I am opting to link mine to my PayPal account where most of my funds are deposited. I’m more than satisfied with the process so far and couldn’t be happier that I decided to go ahead and get a prepaid Visa debit card with! Look for updates from me right here as I continue to use this card and participate in other campaigns at #Sverve! Follow CARD on Facebook and on Twitter @CARD. See what some of us are so excited about!